Dear gardeners!

We are glad to offer you this rather important gardening stuff.

In the first place filters for protection of all types’ household pumps against dirt. It is important to note that it is not water purification, but a resource-saving of your helper-a pump!

We produce filters for vibration pumps of a type « Malysh », « Rucheek », pumps of firm « Bosna LG», any self-priming and submersible centrifugal pumps. Also we have universal filter — wellhole for all types of submersible pumps.

We hope that you will be interested in our porous pots for seedlings’ cultivation, flowers and other plants.

Name Inside diameter, mm Height, mm
FPFE — Gl — 100 — 250 100 250
FPFE — Gl — 170 — 250 170 250
FPFE — Gl — 250 — 200 250 200
FPFE — Gl — 68 — 150 68 150
FPFE — Gl — 130 — 250 130 250

Porous leader head-filter for barrels, in which you collect rain-water. This big leader head you can use for other purposes – at yours discretion.

Drain pipes of our production are irreplaceable for water drawdown at your allotment. You can also use it for automatically-controlled irrigation.

For attention of trading organizations!
We ready for establishing of mutually beneficial contacts!