Filtrating materials of our production are notable for high mechanical strength and high chemical durability. Filters can be produced in the form of pipes or sheets in usual for or production measures. Filtrating materials for air have passed testing in accredited laboratory of North-West research center of hygiene and public health (refer to Protocol).

  • Prefilters of rough cleaning instead of receiving diffuser in systems of industrial general ventilation;
  • Filters for compressors’ protection working in conditions of extra-dustiness of the air;
  • Filters for systems of plenum ventilation;
  • Prefilters in electrostatic systems of welding gas clearing;
  • Filters for air-blasts at aeration stations and in similar systems.

Our filters are used by JSCo “Borec” in Moscow for interstage air clearing in compressors.

Some examples of using our materials  for air cleaning are described in responses of our partners:

  • SUE “Vodokanal of Saint-Petersburg”
  • LLC “Elektroehkologiya”

Filter for compressor’s protection from cement kiln dust 2 pcs. FPFE-Gl-190-500