Manufacturing LLC “Kalan” exists since 1994. It develops, produces and implements filters, filtering elements and filtrating materials of fibro-porous polyethylene or polypropylene. Material we use is polyethylene’s make 10803-020,15303-020,15803-020 (All-Union State Standard 16377-77) of high pressure(PHP) or polypropylene’s make “Kaplen” 01030. Our technology of extrusion-type sputtering was created for producing air dispergators for the system of pneumatic fine-bubble aeration for biological wastewater treatment facilities in the 80’s of the last century. It allows making porous pipes and sheets of various porosity and typical sizes. That is intermediate production which can be used in different fields. Porous pipes and sheets are usually issued in a white color, but they can be painted in any color with mineral toners. Also we produce from these pipes and sheets such groups of products as:

  • Tubular and platy air dispergators (aerators);
  • Filters for interstices;
  • Milk filters. They are issued in different typical sizes, fitting to cases of any producer, including customized;
  • Water filters;
  • Air filters;
  • Drainage-distributing filtering systems;
  • Drains for amelioration;
  • Filters for household pumps of any native or foreign producers;
  • Filtering elements for cases of water filters “Big blue” and “Slim Line”;
  • Filters for construction a water withdrawal;
  • Morphogenetic filters for sorbents;
  • Filters for petrol and oil products;
  • Filters for drying natural gas and gas conditioning;
  • Filters for local waste treatment plants;
  • Loading for aerotanks.