Since 1994 principal direction of LLC “Kalan” activity is development and production polymeric fibro-porous filtrating elements with rigid thermally-linked structure which are used in different spheres.

Main spheres of using filtrating elements LLC “Kalan” in oil and gas industry:

  • Oil clarification;
  • Final filtration of all types of propellant before shipping;
  • Purification of glycols in system of convection drying of gases;
  • Purification of air and gases by dint of processing equipment of compressor station;
  • Purification of technological water;
  • Purification of gas fuel;
  • Filtrating elements for submersible equipment;
  • Purification of fluid for well water flooding.

Peculiarities of filtrating elements LLC “Kalan”

The main special aspect of our filtrating elements is volumetric (subsurface) filtering device which in conjunction with gradient-porous structure defines a high resource of their work.

Our manufacturing process provides high degree of thermal joint of fibers and formation of rough porous filter’ structure, which not demands a mandrel and using of any binders or bearing elements.

Filtrating elements LLC “Kalan” take up and restrain mechanical admixtures in theirs rough filtering structure even during the increase of differential pressure. In addition to effectiveness of filtration and capacity for reliable restraint of mechanical admixtures during the whole service life, deep structure of a filter provides high dirt-holding capacity and high productivity under defined pressure.

How do we work?

  • Selection of equipment by dint of which it is required to improve quality of filtrating elements or to extend the service life, by agreement with the client.
  • Receiving data from the client in the form of filled paper of interrogatories, figures or technological sketch of filtrating elements subject to replacement or selection of domestic equivalent instead of imported equipment.
  • Analysis of acquired information by our technical experts for the purpose of selection of optimal decision option in terms of price and quality.
  • Coordination with the client time limits and capacity of test-output of our filtrating elements.
  • Production and shipment samples to the client for testing.

Advantages which our clients can get:

  • Increase of filter’s service life.
  • Decrease of dirty filter’s replacement rate.
  • Increase in productivity of equipment by means of discharge capacity’s expansion.
  • Constant quality of filtration during the whole service lifetime.
  • Deficiency of corrosion and fouling by hardness salts of filtrating elements.
  • Exclusion of break out filter a settled on it previously admixtures over high pressure drop.

LLC “Kalan” is ready to consider any cooperation offers in the sphere of filtration and to render assistance in selection of right decisions and its implementation!