Aerators, dispergators

Firm “Kalan” produces dispergators (aerators) for aeration systems of biological treatment plant. Technical characteristics of dispergators are presented in charts. Exploitation of dispergators on aeration plants of different enterprises from 1994 until the present day found out their advantages over aerators of other systems:

  • Not high price;
  • Ease of installation and exploitation;
  • Low production costs;
  • Endurance;
  • Parameters stability of treated water.

As distinct from analogies our dispergators have their own high strength and made without carcass what reduces the price. It makes our production without a rival at the price in comparison with other dispergators. “Kalan” specialists get materials by refinement of technological producing process of dispergators, which provide forming a bubble with diameter 1-3 mm under standard conditions.

According to the Customer’s choice dispergators can be made in the form of glass and equipped with bushings with defined thread for assembling.

Systems’ equipage of pneumatic aeration by our elements (in comparison with using of other dispergators of metal, ceramic and fiberglass) allows:

  • To low capital investments for aeration system equipment down to 25-50%;
  • To increase specific capacity of aeration system by expended kilowatt of electric energy up to 20-60%;
  • To raise air operational factor in 1,5-2 times.

Our materials are used also for air preclean at the same aeration plants.

In the photos examples of assembling and stages of commissioning operations are shown. In the photo 1-6 are used dispergators FPFE-Gl-38-1000.

Our enterprise together with Joint-Stock Company “Room” developed the original construction of aeration system. Information you can find on the page “aeration system”.